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DMR-D-Star-YSF It's all here together on the XLX479 Reflector. With the introduction of so many digital modes that can't use the same repeaters or talk simplex to each other, We have created XLX479 where Yaesu System Fusion, D-Star and DMR can all communicate together nicely. AMBE hardware is installed on the Reflector to transcode the Multi streams of audio so DMR and Fusion users can chat with D-Star users. P25 and NXDN to follow soon. Why you ask? Because we can!

New to Digital Radio? Need help programing your radio or setting up a Hot Spot? We can help.Ozark Digital will write a code plug for your specific radio and local area and email you the file to upload to your radio no charge. No charge? We don't charge a fee for helping fellow hams. I've heard too many stories of people buying radios, getting frustrated and giving up. We were supposed to enjoy this hobby, remember? All we need from you is model of radio, callsign and DMR id. As long as your info is good on qrz we will configure local repeaters and program all your info into the codeplug and email it to you to upload into your radio, turn it on and talk. While we don'r charge for this service we will accept donations to help with costs for hardware and programing time to help keep all this going.